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Doris Weiner, a member of NLAPW, NEWS and in Who?s Who in American Women, has achieved recognition nationally as a painter and printmaker. Her work has since grown to be sculptural wall and floor art.
Weiner spent the last 30 years developing a language of shapes and forms. She has been consistently continuing to explore how she can transform a space by creating a sense of anticipation and engagement. She has integrated the exciting elements such as Neon, Robotics, Fiberglass and Metal into her large scale abstract wall and floor sculptures.
She works with a variety of fabricators for multiple aspects of creating her art such as Merrifield - Roberts, Cleveland City Forge, Amaral Custom Fabrications Inc and New Potato Technologies. Some of the fabricators collaborate with noted artists such as Merrifield - Roberts , Bristol RI who worked with Frank Stella, Claes Oldenburg, Jeff Koons and architect Philip Johnson etc. Currently she is working with Amaral Custom Fabrications Inc who will replace Merrifield - Roberts as they are no longer in business. Amaral's fabrication skills enable the art to go far beyond the boundaries of what she could fabricate herself. Currently Doris Weiner is now able to offer site specific commission work of almost any size, using appropriate materials for the environmental setting.
Her current work is an installation for a 54' x 36' x 9' multi-use room at the Farmington Public Library where she is creating a sculpture that will change the ambiance of the room with anticipation and engagement without overpowering the room when used for multiple purposes. She is accomplishing this by extending the puddles of color evolution with a new mounting system combined with the modular techniques used in the neon playground series. (Keeping in mind this has to be shipped and installed in 2 days).

Technologies used to create the language elements

All the technologies Doris works with allow her to explore how they can affect the art. You will notice as her art has evolved she has continually added more language elements to the mix.
Living Walls - Some of her latest works are -Living Walls, which consist of video expressions interacting on original large scale art. This gives her the language element to effect anticipation as the video interacts with the existing art on the wall.
Robotics  - Using robotics to control movement is another tool she has been exploring to aid in the anticipation factor of her art
Scale - She has continually explored the use of increased scale for single sculptures to installations. Dealing with construction, shipping and installation issues she has evolved more toward the modular approach as demonstrated by the neon play ground series or Infinity box series that are used to span large spaces.
Light - Working with reflection, Neon and Computer LED modules Doris continues to explore the use of light within her artwork.
Materials - On her own and with fabricators she has worked with foam, wood, metal, fiberglass, glass, etc.  Nothing seems to stop her when it comes to building larger scale pieces

Major Shows and Commissions

New York Art Expo 1997-2005

Doris Weiner has been using the NY Art Expo as a vehicle to evolve her art. Each year Doris has created art for a 2 to 3 connected booth space in platinum with an aim to bringing her art to another level.
2005 - Premiered Neon Playground III -building on the robotic automated movement in Neon Playground II the addition of an encased in metal cage with double row of narrow louvers solved the shipping and installation issues.
2005 - Living Wall- Premiered in public the original wall art sculpture integrated with projected animation.
2005- Infinity Boxes - a modular construction of interconnected infinity boxes covering a wall.
2004 ? Tabla Rasa - a functional computer desk created from the puddles of color and aluminum base.

Gallery Gora Montreal CAN 2004

3 Journey?s of Light.  
Neon Playground II extended Neon Playground I adding robotic technology to create random movement with random timing which adds  anticipation and excitement to the viewer.
NEON infinity boxes - 30 modular internally reflective boxes with neon inside covering an entire wall using one outlet and simple hanging system.
Living Wall - video expressions developed by the artist that included sound on an 8'x8' artwork.  This consisted of a wood and neon sculpture housing the projector, displays and sound system where the projector was showing video on a neon wall sculpture. The video has been created to augment the wall sculpture.

Judge Rotenberg Center, Canton MA 

Commission - Wall of Modular Infinity Neon boxes daisy chained with 1 plug insert

Ward Nasse Gallery NY 2003

20- Neon Playground I- Metal  sculpture, plus additional large artwork

Sylva White Gallery 2003

20? Neon Playground I - created forged metal mounting system allowing her to suspend multiple 1'x4' Plexiglas panels in front of the neon at easily adjusted angles. With this modular approach she was able to create this large artwork, ship and install at the show in CA.
4 metal sculptures 4? x 5?

Arena Gallery Chicago, IL 2000

The object of this solo show was to create a presence in a large 70' x 40' gallery space.
30' Soundboards - mixing her large puddle shapes together to create a 8' tall by 30' long wall sculpture.
8' tall Stellars - 2 large fiberglass sculptures painted with AWL Grip epoxy on 1" metal shaped stands plus large scale works. Gallery space 70'x 40' solo show. This demonstrates the puddles of color in a three dimensional form.

Design Center of FL Dcota Atrium Show 1997 

This installation was to create a presence in a large public atrium that is 4 flights high.
Large scale Stellar sculptures - These large scale stellar shapes became architectural statements.

International Art Pavilion Gallery, FL  1998

Large scale wall and floor Stellar sculptures

Laura Knott Gallery, Bradford College MA 1995

Gallery Affiliations and Solo Shows

Installation (large scale) wood-neon light- sound-video Farmington CT Nov and Dec 2008
Presentation of the evolution of her art - NEWS Best Western Hotel, MA   May 2008  
Gallery Gora, Montreal, CAN  Sept 2004
National Arts Club 107 Annual Open Gramercy Park , NY,NY Nov  2003 Catalog
Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, NY,  Nov.,Dec.2003  Neon and Metal Works
Sylvia White Gallery, Santa Monica,  CA  Oct.,Nov. and Dec. 2003 Neon  and Metal Works
Arena Gallery, Chicago, IL, ART NEWS Nov  2000,  Catalog
Laura Knott Gallery, Bradford College, Haverhill, MA, October 1995 Catalog
Reese Gallery, NYC, NY
Boston Design Center, Diana Levine Fine Arts,  Boston, MA ? Shows 1989-
Wenneger Gallery, Rockport, MA
Providence Art Club, Providence, RI - 1998
Design Center of Florida, Dcota Atrium Show, Dania, FL - 1997
New York Art Expo , Jacob Javits , NY 2005, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97 (always 3 connected booths in Platinum)
International Art Pavilion Gallery, FL - 1998
Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA ? Shows 1987- 1997 yearly
Addison ? Wesley Publishing Co. Book Catalog covers (2)
Unwin ? Hyman Publishing Co., Book cover ?Communication as Culture?

Awards and Museums

Recipient of numerous awards and participant in many group shows in museums and galleries in Massachusetts. Selected listing:  Danforth Museum, Fitchburg Art Museum, Art Complex in Duxbury, Milton Museum, Whistler Museum, Attleboro Museum.  Work currently in Decordova Museum?s Corporate Loan Program

Private Collections

Selected MA corporate and private collections:  WCVB-TV 5, The Nelson Companies at Prospect  Hill, Infotec, Newman Coar Associates,  Peabody and Arnold Law Firm, Cabot, Cabot and Forbes, Pastor Medical Associates, OPI Design, McCormack and Epstein Law Firm, Harvard Community Health, Louise L. Averback Int., FL & MA.  Michael Kahn, collector, FL, Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Grinspoon,  collector, Weston, MA, Jacksonville Specialty Advertising Co. (JSA), FL, Thomas S. Monaghan, collector, Ann Arbor, MI, Carlin, Charron & Rosen, Worcester, MA ,The Landis Group, Stamford, Ct, Mr / Mrs Kaufer, collector Newton, MA,  Mr/ Mrs Katz collector Sharon, MA.


Doris Weiner also teaches workshops -Taking risks in the creative process? for established artists.
Hosts open studio sessions at her new facility Sandy Knoll Studios.
Gives presentations for various art groups on the evolution of her art paradigm from the original watercolors to the multimedia sculptures.


1989-97 Art New England workshops, Bennington College, VT ? Studied with numerous artists,    
Alfred Leslie etc.
Museum School of Boston , MA
Studied with artists in workshop situations through-out earlier years.

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