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Artist.......A person skilled in one of the fine arts who uses his/her talent to enlarge our perception and increase our knowledge of the realities and potential values of the world.

Masterpiece....The work of an artist of genius who has been absorbed by the spirit of the time in a way that has made their individual experiences universal. Masterpieces represent incredibly rare moments when inspiration, image and materials come together and an artist reaches beyond themself to create a timeless statement.

Art Finds is an art consulting firm. We give our clients a range of advice about collecting and investing in fine art.

Art, like poetry, music, and good literature is one of the finer things in life. It helps us break new ground in our lives by leading us to higher realms of thought and imagination.

However, unlike functional products, art does not follow normal marketing, pricing, and sales dynamics. When you buy real estate, most realtors will tell you only half-jokingly that the 3 most important things are: Location, Location, Location.

With artwork, there are 5 key variables: Credentials, Collectors, Appreciation History, Rarity, and Quality.

At Heller Art Consulting, we believe that every client should feel secure that like their family home they have bought in the right neighbourhood. We want people to know that the artwork they select is, indeed, worth what they paid and with all indications, will be worth more later on.

Heller Art Consulting offers a full range of acquisition and information services. We will:

Visit your home or business to assess your personal art needs
Assist first-time and experienced collectors with the selection of artworks in a range of media
Assist artists with the promotion and sale of their work
Bring artworks directly to your home or business for your consideration
Explore galleries and artist studios with you
Assist with the sale of currently owned works of art
Appraise and research the value of your current art collection
Advise on general art related matters
Lecture community organizations, businesses and charitable groups on art collecting, and related topics of interest

Call us at 416-512-6806 for more information.

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